Laughing Gas Vibe King THCA + Doggaface


THCA% 29.09%
QUANTITY 3.5g, 28g, 56.7g, 113g
GENETICS Gushers x Lemon Cherry Gelato
DELTA 9 <0.27%

Laughing Gas Vibe King THCA + Doggaface For Sales

Laughing Gas Vibe King THCA + Doggaface the TikTok sensation known for spreading good vibes, has teamed up with Laughing Gas for a collaboration called “Vibe King,” centered around THCA flower products.

This partnership merges Doggface’s infectious positivity with Laughing Gas’s expertise in crafting top-tier THCA offerings. “Vibe King” promises a premium THCA flower experience designed to elevate your mood and spread joy.

Get ready to groove to the rhythm of good vibes with this exciting fusion of social media influence and cannabis culture!

THC-A + Doggaface


3.5g, 28g, 56.7g, 113g


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